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Happiness...Who Wants It?

Happiness – Who Wants It? is two books in one, both written for the general public, to increase awareness which in turn will hopefully lead the way to better lives.

Book One explains how your parents’ approach made you the way you are, either helping or hindering your chances of achieving.

The process here is twofold – you see how your own life was affected and modify your behaviour with your own children for the best result. You will find hints and anecdotes that remind you of your own past thereby giving you a clue as to why you are the way you are.

The scientific evidence available today opens our eyes to a better way of treating children and is presented here in such a way that it allows us to see babies in a whole new light. The idea of introducing the latest ideas in neurobiology may seem cold and insensitive, but our body chemicals do respond to the way we are treated.

In the case of babies it is crucial to try to get it right from birth because if they are not treated with love and affection their body chemicals react accordingly and prevent their brains from developing properly.

We no longer have to stab in the dark or latch on to other people’s beliefs of how our children should be raised ……. The scientific evidence is presented in a way that everyone can understand and make up their own mind about how to prevent messing up their children’s lives. As infants and children the way we were raised perhaps inadvertently traumatised us, leading us to a less than fulfilling life. Do we want to repeat the same mistakes?

The many anecdotes of how this can happen allows us to approximate our own story to these events with the intended consequence of a release of anxiety and increased awareness.

Book One though, goes further than this. Why would we want to limit the mind of our infant or child because of our own ignorance of what is going on inside of them? Why not give them the opportunity to be ‘more’, based on neurobiological data that tells us what is good parenting and what isn’t?

Book Two is about increasing our awareness as to what we and those around us are doing so we help ourselves get what we want. How often do we have to fall down a hole before we realise it’s there? By recognising how we are limiting ourselves we can change our life. Both books are filled with anecdotes making it an easy read.

Quite apart from the insights this book offers into learning about ourselves which is the key to changing our lives for the better, it should also be regarded as the handbook for raising infants so that they have the best chance of becoming loving, popular, happy grownups, living a successful life, giving and receiving joy.

9780956243003cvr-sml copy

Happiness...Who Wants It?

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What people are saying about Happiness – Who Wants It?

Socrates said ‘Know Thyself’ – this is a great book to help us do just that!. F.S.

A book every mother should read before she considers having children. C.M.

This book has changed my life, everyone should read it. P.B.

This is the book I wished I had read when I was 20, 30 and 40………G.R.

A note from the author, Colin Mills:

My idea was to write a self–help book from the observations I had made over the last 30 years of counselling people that would improve their lives by helping them ‘see’ and understand themselves, thereby motivating them to change behaviours that were holding them back. I was doing my MA as well and as part of the course work, became aware that important discoveries were taking place in the realm of neuroscience. These discoveries I felt were too crucial to ignore and that they should be common knowledge. They explained psychologically what happened to us when we were infants as a consequence of the infant raising methods being used at the time which may have resulted in feelings of anxiety, emptiness and depression that many people now experience.

But more importantly it tells us how not to make some of the very damaging mistakes which can affect our children for the rest of their lives.

Book 2 focuses on increasing our awareness and understanding ourselves as a result of this - and what we can do about it. It also lets us see what is going on with those around us that may affect us adversely. This part of the book is written under alphabetical headings so one can skip to the chapters that interest one. I have also tried to write in a way that everyone can understand along with many anecdotes to help with this.